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Bad Ass Coffee 04/08/2015
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Bad Ass Coffee Company -- Maui Hawaii

Welcome to The Bad Ass Coffee Company of Maui. We are a gourmet coffee company, serving high quality Kona Coffee gourmet coffee by the cup, espresso drinks and related food and beverage products. Along with our liquid business we offer our gourmet beans in retail bags. Our stores also carry a very unique line of retail merchandise including mugs, hats, T-shirts, chocolates, macadamia nuts, etc.; all offered in an atmosphere that whispers Hawaii. Our unique look and our absolute insistence that every store maintain the highest degree of customer service, cleanliness, excellence in food and beverage products, make our stores a must-visit, while on Maui.

Our name alone is eye catching and our donkey is always a welcome site. In fact the the native people of Kona Hawaii remember the days of the "Bad Ass Ones." The bellows of the donkeys could be heard echoing through the mountains as they hauled the heavy loads of coffee up and down the mountain side. In honor of these hard working donkeys, we named our coffee company. The legend of the Kona Nightingale lives on right here at The Bad Ass Coffee Company.

The quality of our coffee products, merchandise and our authentic Hawaiian-style customer service make our stores a truly memorable experience. The Aloha Spirit is alive and well at The Bad Ass Coffee Company and we share it with each and every customer in our store. Our name alone is eye catching and our donkey is always a welcome site for new and regular customers.

Two locations to serve you!!

3636 Lower Honoapiilani Road
Lahaina, HI 96761

671 Front Street at the Pioneer Inn
Lahaina, Hi 96761
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Commercial I made for Bad Ass Coffee.
05/14/19 02:42:02AM @laurenceice:
There are different drinks people use for sake of refreshment. After doing a lot of work for their when a person get tired then usually people prefer to take coffee rather than juice and tea because it reduce tiredness of body. Works a lot..!!
Bad Ass Coffee Co


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