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It all started in 1948 when Frank Granato set out to share the authentic fare of his family's Italian heritage with Utah.  Today his family continues to share their love of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in several locations throughout Utah as well as online.  Frank's hard work ethic and desire to treat the customer like family is still present along with an ever growing selection of pastas, oils, vinegars, gift baskets, sweets and so much more.  Come get to know us and join our family's love of all things delicious. 

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07/20/18 09:09:59AM @jesujoqyj:
Started happiness and spreading to others the Frank has been done on the 1948 when many were need the smiles are blessed to distribute. Frank also want to some arrangements for the assignment answers in this age but due to early death of him make some plans stopped.
Granato's Deli


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Granato's Deli, 1632 South Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84104
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