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Join our HUGE DineLocal Quarterly Campaign!

Are you ready to generate lots of excitement and new customers to your business? DineLocal has put together a quarterly campaign targeting the counties during the upcoming quarter.

What Is It?

For 3 full months, DineLocal's Quarterly Campaign targets locals in your county, reaching 100,000+ potential new customers through a wide range of marketing channels: direct mail, facebook, twitter, local video, digital ads, etc.

This is your chance to run a local campaign with the impact of the largest ad agencies, as you and DineLocal hit the following channels:

Giant Postcards sent to 20,000 homes in your local area, as part of over 150,000 homes throughout Utah (once quarterly)


Full page ad in DineLocal Magazine (3 monthly issues)


Facebook ads reaching thousands of targeted locals in your area (all quarter long!)


Twitter engagement (all quarter long!)


Local.TV Coverage (one featured on-site video)


In-store display material available to all participating establishments


Weekly give-aways keeping locals engaged and visiting more participating establishments


You'll also receive the following DineLocal.net featured benefits!

Every participating establishment also receives the following Featured promotions on DineLocal.net:

  • No ads or sponsors on your DineLocal profile pages
  • Appear in related links on similar profile pages
  • Top Billing on DineLocal category pages
  • Featured placement throughout DineLocal.net
  • Additional space for media on DineLocal (photos, files, etc.)
  • Placement on the DineLocal Featured Sponsors page
  • >

$799 for a full 3-month Campaign

Current Participant Count

Being a new service, it may take time for many counties to fill the alotted spaces required to launch the postcard drop portion of the campaign. Here is a list of counties and the partcipant count for each so far:

Salt Lake: 0

Utah: 1

Carl's Jr
Carl's Jr
American Fork Utah

Cache: 0

Questions? Contact us!